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Découvrez le monde de de l'apprentissage des langues grâce aux podcasts. Commencer à apprendre.

Immerse yourself in the world of language learning with Kili, the AI-powered tool that brings podcasts to life. Inspired by the Tamil word for "parrot," Kili is your companion in mastering new languages through the captivating medium of podcasts.

Handpicked podcasts

Discover a diverse range of carefully selected podcasts in various languages, covering topics from culture and history to science and entertainment.

Authentic conversations

Learn languages naturally through genuine conversations, interviews, and discussions, gaining intuitive understanding of pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and cultural nuances.

Translated captions

Follow along with accurate, real-time translations of podcast captions to effortlessly bridge the language gap, expanding vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Experience a new way to learn, understand, and connect through language.